The village is bordered by 68 ha of area Dead-Danube, which is the nartural habitat of swimming birds, and paradise of water plant life.

On the land of Dead-Danube Szigetköz Protected Area of Fertő Hanság National Park formed a plant hedge with rainfalls, resting places and birdwarchings.

The Dead-Danube Plant Hedge was formed around the most significant backwater of Szigetköz by Fertő Hanság National Park in 2003.

The routeway crosses about 300 ha of protected area, 90 % in Lipót, little part in Dunaremete. Dead-Danube is part of Szigetköz Protected Area, which core area is about 70 ha, acutely protected, visitable only with professional management. Exhibition routeway is visitable, it is about 7 km.

The tour starts from bird-watcher station towards Dunaremete, after that leaving the village we have to keep to the right until we reach flood protection embankment. Go over this we can find a boat station which was used in the past. Return to the embankment we have to go along the canal which is parallel with embankment, after that leaving a grassland we can go towards Lipót. We can go back to the starting point going ahead on the land of the Dead-Danube.